Shylock Consults Limited

In the midst of counsellors,there is safety...


Nigeria Office:

50/56 Solomon Lar way, Shendam, Plateau State.



International Office: 

Flat 3, Killer By Lamer, Lefkosa, North Cyprus.



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Our Refund Policy


  1. Assisting Students gain Admission into Top Universities in the World.
  2. Assisting Students get Scholarships to Study Abroad (Full, Partial while some, Our Students will be paid Stipends as they Study on Scholarship).
  3. Registering and Training Students for International Exams like TOELF, GRE etc.
  4. Flight Reservation, Booking and Payment On behalf of Our Clients.

Our Partners: 

   London South Bank University, UK  London South Bank University, UK

  University of Akron, US   University of Akron, US

          Near East University, North Cyprus          Near East University, North Cyprus

     Eastern Mediterranean University, North Cyprus     Eastern Mediterranean University, North Cyprus

        Girne American University, North Cyprus         Girne American University, North Cyprus

      Cyprus International University, North Cyprus      Cyprus International University, North Cyprus

       Middlesex University, UAE      Middlesex University, UAE

      University of Salford, UK    University of Salford, UK

We can also process some schools that are not listed Contact