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50/56 Solomon Lar way, Shendam, Plateau State.



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Flat 3, Killer By Lamer, Lefkosa, North Cyprus.



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Our Refund Policy

Here at Shylock Consults, we Understand that Studying could be very Challenging cos of the huge Financial Burden Attached. An Average Nigerian would not be able to afford an Abroad Education. The Dreams of many Talented Nigerians has been cut short because of this setback. On the Other hand, there are a lot of Universities in Europe, US, Canada and Asia who are looking for Outstanding International Students to give Scholarship and grants to, these Offer ranges from 10% -100% Scholarship. Some University even pay Students Stipends will they Study on 100% Scholarship.We also register and Train Students for International Exams like TOELF, GRE etc. We can also Reserve, Book and Pay Your Flight Ticket.


  1. To become the Leading Educational Consultant in Nigeria.
  2. To assist Nigerians pursue Graduate and Postgraduate Studies in Top Universities in the World.
  3. To connect Nigerians to Universities that Offer Full and Partial Scholarships to International Students.


  1. To assist Students secure Admission into Top Universities in the World.
  2. To procure Full or Partial Scholarship to Nigeria Students.
  3. To register and train Students for International Exams.


  1. Assisting Students gain Admission into Top Universities in the World.
  2. Assisting Students get Scholarships to Study Abroad (Full, Partial while some,
    Our Students will be paid Stipends as they Study on Scholarship).
  3. Registering and Training Students for International Exams like TOELF, GRE etc.
  4. Flight Reservation, Booking and Payment On behalf of Our Clients.